Habitat for Humanity North Shore (HFHNS) returned to Danvers late last year, when it demolished a long abandoned single-family and laid the foundation for the four-bedroom energy-star home that will replace it. The original home had stood vacant for years, maybe decades, with boarded windows and doors, overgrown foundation plantings – a blight on an otherwise neat and tidy neighborhood.

Rebuilding began in earnest last spring when over 100 volunteers for Women Build laid the sill, constructed a sub-floor and framed the first exterior walls of the new home. As the project continues, HFHNS is working closely with town officials, meeting with abutters, and listening to all concerns. “The Town of Danvers has been working hard at all levels to see this project move forward; the Affordable Housing Trust, the planning department, the building department, the electric department and the water department, all are approaching this project with a positive attitude, making our job that much more enjoyable.” said Don Preston while framing a wall of the home. The future homeowners, Nolberto Pacheco and Daniela Martinez, have already started working at the property and accumulating their 400 hours of “sweat equity.” Preston observed “we have had the grandparents, a sister, a brother, and the children at the site, inspiring our volunteers.” Like our other Habitat houses, Coolidge Road will be sold for approximately $130,000 with a no interest mortgage. The projected move-in date is mid-summer 2015.

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